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We recommend that you compose your text (especially the directions and site descriptions) in your word processor and then copy and paste them into the appropriate fields on this form.

Site Name - Official site name, if there is one (such as Moraine State Park, State Game Lands 105, etc.).

Alternate Name(s) - How locals refer to the site other than the official name (Lake Arthur, The Glades, etc.). NOTE: Lake Arthur is an "official name", but it lies within Moraine State Park. So the larger entity (the park) takes precedence over locales within it. However, many locals refer to Lake Arthur as the park, so Lake Arthur would be listed as an alternate name.

County(s) - List all counties in which this property lies, unless the only birding areas lie in one county.

Coordinates - Latitude/Longitude of starting point/office/parking lot/etc. - Do not use the center of a park, etc. Use a parking area, park office, or other identifiable point that will get someone to this site using the GPS coordinates provided. Use decimal coordinates. Ie. 40.165818,-75.978474 (latitude, longitude) You can get coordinates like these at by right-clicking on the spot and selecting "Drive from here." The coordinates will appear in the address box on the left. You can then copy and paste them into the coordinates field on this form.

Site description - Give a general description of habitat (mix of woods and fields, reclaimed strip mine, marsh, lake, etc.).

Directions - Give directions from the nearest town or major intersection. Include mileage between turns; ie. "Go east 2.3 miles and turn right on Hampton Rd. Then go 0.3 mile to the parking lot on the right." When giving directions from a town, also give a street intersection as a starting point. (NOTE: You don't have to drive these roads to get the mileage, you can do it online at Just plot your route and read the mileage off of each section.)

Birding Description - A brief description of the categories of birdlife for which it is noted (migrant passerines, shorebirds, breeding woodland warblers, waterfowl, etc.). If there are one or a few specialties (ie. species hard to find in PA or the county such as Clay-colored Sparrow, Prothonotary Warbler, etc.) list them. Also note where at the site to find them (about a quarter mile down the Humbolt Trail, etc.). Do not give a long list of species; that will be covered under the bird list section of the site.

Detailed birding directions - Describe where to go once you get there. If it is a small site, "Walk the well-marked trails that start at the parking lot." or "Check the fields south of the road for grassland sparrows." might be sufficient. If the site is large and requires a driving route or there are a number of hotspots to describe, do so here. You can be as detailed as you want. However, although listing every rare bird that has been seen there is not real helpful and only creates unrealistic expectations, the listing of unusual birds that are found here regularly is a good idea.

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