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Franklin County

Site List

Site # Site Name
110 Caledonia State Park
112 Mount Parnell Fish Hatchery
114 Cowans Gap State Park
267 Little Cove Valley and Buchanan Birthplace State Park
268 Greencastle/Waynesboro Area
297 St Thomas Pond
298 Shady Grove
303 Tuscarora Summit - The Pulpit - Hawkwatch
314 Heisey Road Orchard
357 Bear Valley Natural Area
363 Creekside Nature Trail at Menno Haven
369 Bricker Road



County Statistics

Square Miles: 773
Population: 129313

County List: 278

Top County Lifelist:
Top County Big Year:
Top County Big Day:

"Best Bird":

Compiler for Pa Birds:

Bill Oyler



Bird Clubs