Barkeyville Area
DESCRIPTION: This reclaimed strip mine area has nesting Henslow's Sparrow, Northern Harrier, and occasionally, Upland Sandpiper.

DIRECTIONS: From Exit 29 on I-80, go south on PA 8 for 1.6 miles and turn left (east) on Slippery Rock Creek Road. Go 0.9 mile and turn right (south) on Cokain Road. Go 0.3 mile and bear left (east) on Cokain Road and go to the right-hand bend in the road and scan the fields to the north and east for Short-eared Owl and Northern Harrier. Continue on Cokain Road to the intersection with County Line Road. The fields on both sides of Cokain Road south of this intersection are good for Henslow's Sparrows, while the fields on the east side of the road are good for Upland Sandpiper. Go east on County Line Road for 0.4 mile and check the field on the north side of the road for Henslow's Sparrow.


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Posted: 2009-10-24 00:00:00