Lake View Landfill
DESCRIPTION: A small to mid-sized landfill near Lake Erie. It can attract many thousands of gulls in late fall through spring. Gulling is best on weekdays when garbage is being tipped. No garbage is dumped on Sundays, and gull numbers may be lower, though some birds should still be present. The landfill site itself is closed to the public, but there are vantages just outside the fence, especially on the southern portion that may afford good viewing opportunities. The employees are generally friendly and helpful, but be aware that you won't be allowed inside the fence for liability reasons, so don't ask. The gulls are often seen circling above the equipment, and a good knowledge of gull flight identification is greatly useful. They sometimes land on the hillside. The gulls tend to concentrate wherever fresh refuse is being dumped, so optimal viewing sites vary. The pulloff along Robison Road just past the railroad crossing is often a good viewing point. The small visitor parking lot by the office is also sometimes good (employees might ask what you are doing). Footmill Road, along the SW border of the landfill, is frequently a good place to view from. Be wary of the deep ditches along most of the roads in the area, as they become filled with snow and are not apparent, so be careful when parking. This road, though sparsely traveled, has several hills and blind dips, so please park safely and visibly. The gulls will frequently loaf in the parking lots at the adjacent Presque Isle Downs and Casino, accessible from PA 97. All the gulls leave the site to roost on Lake Erie in late afternoon. American Herring Gulls are abundant, Great Black-backed are common, while Ring-billed are somewhat scarce at the landfill itself. Later in the winter, Glaucous Gull and Kumlien's Iceland Gull are expected, and Thayer's Gulls are often present. Lesser Black-backed Gulls are seldom seen here, and there are two records of California Gull (it may be annual, given adequate coverage). A presumed hybrid Great Black-backed x Herring was found in 2010. Raptors, including Rough-legged Hawks and Northern Shrikes, have been found in the area in some years, depending on rodent cycles. Snow Buntings are sometimes seen on the hill and adjacent fields.

DIRECTIONS: The offices are on Robison Road east of PA 97. From I-79 N, take exit 179A to I-90 E. Take exit 27 and travel south on PA 97. Take the first left after the Presque Isle Downs and Casino onto Robison Road. Continue 0.5 mile to a pulloff past the railroad tracks, or 0.6 miles to office.


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Posted: 2012-01-09 00:00:00